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If you observe a suspicious object or potential bomb on campus, DO NOT HANDLE THE OBJECT! Clear the area and immediately call Campus Police at extension 6300 (after hours at 918-533-1243). Attempt to gather the following information and write the information down as the Caller says it. Have a co-worker relay the information to Campus Police while you are talking to the Caller:

Questions to ask

  • When is the bomb going to explode?
  • Where is the bomb right now?
  • What kind of bomb is it?
  • What does the bomb look like?
  • Why did you place the bomb?
  • What is your name?

Exact wording of the Caller.

Impressions of Caller:
______ Sex ______Race ______Accent
______ Child ______ Young Adult ______ Older Adult
Exact Time of Call: ______A.M. ______ P.M.

Callers Voice:
______ Calm ______Angry ______ Excited ______ Slow _______ Rapid
______ Soft _______Loud ______ Laughter ______ Crying _______ Normal
______ Low Pitched _______ Distinct ______ Slurred ______ Lisp _______ Cursing
______ High Pitched _______ Stutter ______ Nasal ______ Raspy _______ Deep
______ Ragged _______ Disguised ______ Accent ______ Deep Breathing
______ Familiar _______Cracking Voice

If voice is familiar, who did it sound like? __________________________________________________________

Background Noise:
_______ Quiet ________Static _________Voices ________Street Noise
_______ Motor ________Dishes _________Office Machines ________Music
_______ Machinery ________Clear _________Animal Noises ________Local
_______ PA System ________Long Distance _______House Noises
_______Other _________________________________________________________________________
Your Name _________________________________________________________________________________
Your Department _____________________________________________________________________________
Your Telephone Number _______________________________________________________________________

  • Campus Police will conduct a detailed bomb search. Employees may be requested to make a cursory inspection of their area for suspicious objects and to report the location to the DPS DO NOT TOUCH THE OBJECT!
  • Do not activate the building alarm, as this will be done at the discretion of the Campus Police Department. If activated, THE BUILDING ALARM RINGS ONLY IN THE BUILDING.
  • When you are told to leave by Campus Police, walk quickly to the nearest marked exit and alert others to do the same.
  • Once outside, move to a clear area away from the affected building(s). Keep streets and walkways clear for emergency vehicles and personnel.
  • If requested assist the Campus Police.
  • DO NOT RETURN TO AN EVACUATED BUILDING unless directed to do so by the Campus Police.
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