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Summer Hours

NEO is open 7am – 5pm, Monday – Thursday, closed Friday.

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Student advisement

The Director of the Nursing Program or a Nursing Faculty member will meet with prospective nursing students
to advise them on a plan of study. To accomplish this, the student MUST have available his/her ACT scores and
previous college/university transcripts. Course descriptions for classes completed with a grade “C” or higher at
previously attended colleges/universities other than NEO College are also helpful. This will allow advisement
on any potential deficiencies that must be removed prior to admission into the program.

Once admitted to the program, students will be assigned to a Nursing Faculty Advisor for the length of the
program. It is recommended that students make an appointment to meet with the advisor prior to every
semester and as needed.

Selection criteria

Students are selected by the numerical rank of their academic profile score. Applicants must have an
Academic Profile score of 60 points or higher in order to be considered eligible for admission. The class is
selected by the Nursing Admission Committee composed of the Director of Nursing and Nursing Faculty and
reviewed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Acceptance letters are communicated in writing to each
applicant. Enrollment into the Nursing program is limited due to available lab and clinical facilities.

The Academic Profile is calculated using the following criterion:
  • ACT composite score
  • Assessment Technology Institute (ATI) TEAS scores
  • Number of credit hours completed of required general education and technical support courses
  • Grade point average (GPA) of required pre-requisites of the Nursing Program
  • Completion of Anatomy & Physiology
  • Completion of Microbiology
  • Accumulative GPA score
  • CAN Certification (Traditional Program Only)
  • Deduction of points for repeat or withdrawal of required science courses
In addition to the Academic Profile above Fast Track applicants MUST:
  • Complete all pre-requisite courses before the accelerated nursing courses begin.
  • Pass the ATI assessments in Fundamentals and Maternal/Newborn at a level II and score an 84 or higher on the Dosage Calculation examination to be eligible for acceptance to the Fast Track LPN/Paramedic program.
Advanced Standing Credit

LPNs/Paramedics will receive an advanced standing credit by achieving the required level on ATI assessments in Fundamentals of Nursing and Maternal/Newborn and on the Dosage Calculation examination.

Transfer Courses

Traditional and Fast Track Nursing courses must be taken at NEO College.

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