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Music studies at Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College offers instrument and voice students the opportunity to receive individual instruction in all major performance areas and to be involved in a variety of ensembles.

Music students have numerous performance opportunities, many of which would be offered only to third- and fourth-year students at larger four-year institutions. Marching Band, Jazz Band, Concert Choir, Chamber Singers and the Theatre are just a few.

NEO faculty focus on each student’s individual progress and success. Small class sizes ensure more individualized attention to meet that goal.

Associate in Arts
Example Plan of Study (PDF)

Careers in Music
  • Arranger
  • Composer
  • Concert Promoter
  • Film Composer
  • Music Educator
  • Performer
  • Private Music Instructor
  • Record Label Administrator
  • Songwriter
  • Studio Musician
  • Tour Manager
Communication & Fine Arts

Communication & Fine Arts

School of Liberal Arts
Tatiana Taylor Instructor - Vocal Music & Director of Choirs
Adam Compton Instructor - Band and Music

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