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NEO Honors students are encouraged to engage in service activities both on campus and in the community. We believe service opportunities are crucial to leadership development and provide the opportunity to better understand the needs of others. Each semester, Honors students receive the chance to better themselves and their community through various activities.

Peggy's Closet logo - image of a hanger

Established by NEO Women & Friends, Peggy’s Closet offers business attire to serve NEO students. Whether you are heading to an interview or starting a new job, Peggy’s Closet can help you dress professionally and get started on the right foot. Clothing items in Peggy’s Closet include suit jackets, blazers, shirts, slacks, dresses, belts, and shoes!

Peggy’s Closet is located in the basement of the Library Administration building. The closet is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. If the lights are off when you stop by, please inform someone in the Success Center who can help you find the clothes you need.

Donations to Peggy’s Closet are always welcome! We accept gently worn or new business attire.

Vanessa Rhodes
Vanessa Rhoades Success Coach
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