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Allied Jobs Program

Allied JOBS Program is a federal grant administrated through the Oklahoma Department of Human Services and the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education. The program is designed to train participants for employment and to open doors of opportunity. The job skills preparation includes computer applications, written communication, customer service and job readiness.

Eligibility Information

The Department of Human Services determines eligibility for the program. Temporary assistance for Needy Families (TANF) recipients and Non-TANF recipients must contact your caseworker to see if you qualify for the program and to obtain a referral to the program.

TANF participants are single parents that qualify for TANF benefits through DHS. Non-TANF participants must have dependent children living in the home and receive food stamps, Sooner Care, child care assistance, child support services, or child welfare services.

Program requirements
  • Acceptance into the program based on formal assessments and participation
  • Participate 35 hours per week
  • Complete monthly time sheets for DHS
  • Progress towards employability goals

Participation is voluntary.


The Allied Jobs program has two locations coordinated by Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College. Services are provided in Miami, Oklahoma and in Jay, Oklahoma.


To assist single parent households in receiving skills to become self- sufficient

  1. To break down the barriers that prevent self-sufficiency
  2. To provide the skills and training necessary to gain full-time employment and “retain” it

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