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NEO is open 7am – 5pm, Monday – Thursday, closed Friday.

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Medical Lab Technician

Medical Laboratory Technician Program Guidelines

***First call Jessica Mayfield at 918-540-6307. MLT prefers to enroll pre-MLT students, even if it is during the summer.

Assign Jessica Mayfield as advisor.

Required courses must be completed prior to beginning MLT program courses. Students may apply for admission if they will be completing the courses by the end of the summer semester, before the fall semester they plan to start MLT program courses.

Suggested plan of study for students without deficiencies except Math:

First (Fall) Semester

  • *ENGL1113 Freshman Comp I
  • *CHEM1144 Chemistry for Health Science
  • *HIST1483/93 American History
  • *MLAT 1113 Medical Lab Operations

Second (Spring) Semester

  • *ENGL1213 Freshman Comp II
  • *Anatomy & Physiology
  • *Government
  • *General Psychology
  • *Immunology and Serology

Third (Summer) Semester

  • *MCRO2124 Intro to Microbiology

NOTE: If a student needs MATH 0113 Introduction to Algebra, this course needs to be taken before beginning the science courses. A student can take MATH 0123 concurrently with CHEM 1215.

Student with Deficiencies: The schedule will need to be adjusted according to the deficiencies. Students with several deficiencies will most likely need to wait until the next application cycle for admission to the MLT program.


Deadline for application to the MLT program is April 1 each year. Students must have all of the non-program courses completed or scheduled to complete by the end of the summer session of the same year. Have them contact and/or visit the MLT program for information about applying to the program.

Fourth (Fall) Semester

  • MLAT 1304 Basic Hematology
  • MLAT 2354 Pathogenic Microbiology
  • MLAT 2344 Clinical Chemistry
  • MLAT 1313 Phlebotomy/Body Fluids
  • MLAT 1323 Clinical Practice 1

Fifth (Spring) Semester

  • MLAT 2364 Intro to Molecular Diagnostics
  • MLAT 2374 Immunohematology
  • MLAT 1333 Clinical Practice 2
  • MLAT 2373 Clinical Practice 3

Sixth (May Intersession) Semester

  • MLAT 2383 Clinical Practice 4

*Prerequisite Courses/Before Program Courses

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