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Student Success Videos

Students of all ages and backgrounds routinely need tips and advice to balance school and life. These quick resources can help students with time management, test preparation, stress reduction, online coursework and more!

The Great Balancing Act
A person wearing a mortarboard and thinking, with "the great balancing act" text overlaid

Developing Successful Study Skills
Books on a table with "developing successful study skills" overlaid

Talking to Your Teacher in a Meaningful Way
A professor talking to a student with "talking to your teacher in a meaningful way" overlaid

Connecting Learning to Life
A woman carrying a child in the woods, with "connecting learning to life" overlaid

Unlocking Your Potential
Metal tools with "unlocking your potential" overlaid

How to Succeed in an Online Class
Hands typing on a laptop with "how to succeed in an online class" overlaid

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