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Ag Major Enrollment

  1. Agriculture
  2. Animal Science
  3. Ag Ed.
  4. Plant and Soil Science
  5. Agriculture Communications
  6. Agriculture Business
  7. Agriculture Economics

Classes Needed first semester:

  1. FYE 1011 – Instructor ALWAYS needs to be an Ag. Instructor
  2. An ACCEPTABLE ENGLISH CLASS. If they have a deficiency ALWAYS put them in the “0” level classes FIRST.
  3. An ACCEPTABLE MATH CLASS. Again, if they have a deficiency ALWAYS put them in the “0” level courses FIRST.
  4. READING if needed.
  5. If they test into 2 or more “0” level classes they need to be in CLS the second 8 weeks of Semester.

Good choices for other classes to take first semester:

  1. SPCH (Speech). This will always be accepted for General Ed Elective on Grad check sheet.
  2. ANSI 1124 (Animal Science)
  3. AG 2112 (Ag. Computer). This is the Gen Ed computer Requirement on the Grad Check Sheet
  4. AGEC 1114 (Ag Econ). If Ag Econ or Ag Bus. Major. Should be used for “Required Elective” on graduation check sheet.
  5. PLNT 1213 (Plant and Soil Science).
  6. SOIL 2124 (Soils) Cannot put them in if they have a science deficiency.
  7. MUSC 2573 (Music Appreciation) . This counts as humanities.
  8. TH 2413 (Introduction to Theatre). Counts as Humanities.
  9. ART 1803 (Introduction to Art). Counts as Humanities.

NEVER enroll a first semester student in PSYC. This class is only needed if they are an AGED major and should not be done the first semester.

Advisors: Roger Fent and Amanda Burrows

Natural Resources and Ecology Management – Associate in Arts

Fall Semester – Need to be enrolled in FIRST

  • NREM1114 + the lab
  • NREM2134 + the lab
  • FYE – with ag instructor
  • FOR 2013
  • NREM1001

Other class options

  • Appropriate ENGL
  • Appropriate MATH
  • AG2112

Important Notes

  • If students need two or more 0-level classes, make sure he or she takes at least two of them (definitely reading, if needed.) If one of the above classes needs to be omitted to keep the students from going over 19 hours, LEAVE OFF FOR2013.
  • Forestry Students should take AG2112 for their computer proficiency requirement

Advisor: Mike Neal

Ranch Management

Need to be enrolled in first semester

  • FRMT1003
  • FRMT1213
  • ANSI2123
  • FYE 1011

Other class options

  • ENGL
  • AG 2112
  • ANSI1124
  • PLNT1213

Advisor: Tyler Dewey


Enrollment Timeline:

Freshman Fall
ENGL 1113 English3 credits
EQNE 1103 Introduction to Equine3 credits
EQNE 1121 Equine Selection1 credit
EQNE 2123 Equine Training and Management I4 credits
FYE 1011 Freshman Year Experience1 credit
ANSI 1124 Introduction to Animal Science4 credits
Total16 credits
Freshman Spring
ENGL 1213 English3 credits
HIST 1483 American History3 credits
EQNE 2123 Equine Health and Disease3 credits
EQNE 2234 Equine Training and Management II4 credits
EQNE 2012 Basic Horsemanship2 credits
Total17 credits
Sophomore Fall
EQNE 1112 Basic Horseshoeing2 credits
General Education elective4 credits
AG 2112 Microcomp Tech in Agri2 credits
ANSI 2123 Livestock Feeding3 credits
Total14 credits
Sophomore Spring
EQNE 2133 Equine Reproduction3 credits
POLS 1113 Government3 credits
EQNE 2333 Equine Production and Business Management3 credits
EQNE 2222 Marketing the Performance Horse2 credits
FRMT 2221 Farm & Ranch Management Capstone1 credit
Total12 credits

***One credit hour needed in addition to above proposed enrollment. Could be satisfied by internships, rodeo activities, etc.

Advisor: Chelsie Huseman


Need to be enrolled in FIRST semester

  1. FYE
  2. ENGL
  3. MATH
  4. ANIMAL BIOL1604
  5. SPCH
  6. AG2112 or ANSI1124

*If they have had core classes in high school that count for credit, make a list of them.
*Must start them in Math and Bio even if a “0” level.

Advisor: Roger Fent

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