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Psychology and Sociology

Put students in FYE 1011 (try to choose a section taught by a behavorial science instructor)
Students with 2+ deficiencies need to take CLS 1021

From Dr. Lesli Deichman:

Follow General Psych (PSYC 1113) with Developmental (PSYC 1603), then Social (PSYC 2743), since it always runs in the Spring. You can back-fill with Intro to Sociology, then any other Soc classes. Psych and Adjustment (PSYC 2753) and Psych and Self-Management (PSYC 1123) can be used any time after General Psych. Social Psychology is not for first-year students.

From Beth Blalock:

There used to be pre-requisites for my classes but there are some I only teach in the fall etc. Anyway anyone can take any class under SOCI in any order. I only teach intro to social work (SOCI 2013) in the fall, so they need to take that class if they are a social work major in the fall. Any sociology major should be encouraged to take SOCI 1113. If they are going to PSU they need to take fundamentals of soc work or basic helping skills (SOCI 2023) in the spring semester. If they are not going to PSU then they do not need either of these classes.

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