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The NEO academic and foundation scholarship application for fall 2023 will open in January 2023. Other scholarships may already be available.

Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College offers students many different opportunities for scholarships. There are two types of scholarships: academic scholarships and foundation scholarships. These are awarded to students who have demonstrated superior academic achievement or met other specific criteria. It is always the recommendation of the recruitment office that each student fully complete and submit an application for both types of scholarships at NEO A&M College. If assistance is needed in completing the applications, please contact the student recruitment office.

NEO College and the NEO Development Foundation have only one application form for all academic and foundation scholarships. Individual programs on campus may require an additional form.

Tribal scholarships

Awarded to Native American Students by Area Tribes.
Click here for more information.

Honors program scholarships

Visit the Honors program page for information.

Scholarship resources

  • Fastweb
  • Zinch
  • College Scholarships
  • College Financial Aid Advice  – This website offers free advice on topics ranging from the FAFSA, to admissions, scholarships and more!
  • Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarship opportunities available for undergraduate students preparing to transfer from a community college or 2-year institution to continue studies toward a bachelor’s degree.
  • Indian Health Service offers a variety of scholarships for students interested in health professions.
  • Check your transfer institution’s scholarship page to see what might be available for transfer students

NEO FAFSA Code is 003160
Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Department of Financial Aid
Karen Key Assistant Director for Financial Aid
David Fisher Director of Financial Aid
Aimee McMain Financial Aid Counselor

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